Capital Box Green Energy Finance


Capital Box Green Energy Finance was formed as a joint venture company between Capital Box Asset Finance and Broadreach Renewable Energy Group, founded and formed back in 2014. Capital Box Green Energy Finance specialises in providing asset finance to small, medium, and large corporate companies that require renewable energy assets for the generation of clean energy generation and energy savings solutions for their businesses.
Whilst we are not a supplier of renewable energy assets, we do have technical knowledge and the capacity to build, own, and operate projects customised to our clients’ needs, and ultimately transfer ownership of these assets to our clients at the end of the finance term.


Whether your priority is to save on your electricity bill, reduce your carbon footprint or to secure a stable source of power, we can help.
Our solutions combine clean energy generation – solar PV and other technologies – with batteries, generators, energy-saving equipment and a full finance and maintenance package. Ultimately, this results in a hassle-free answer to your energy needs.


When we invest in an energy project, we commit to an affordable and convenient solution for our clients.
We have a range of finance options available to help fund your project from the start. We are also happy to co-invest in projects alongside larger clients, tailoring the solution to assist our clients with their cash flow.

Options include:

  • Instalment Sales
  • Off Balance Sheet Rentals
  • Solar Leases
  • Power Purchase Agreements (Larger Projects)

With electricity prices on the rise, increasing power supply disruptions, as well as climate change pressures, the case for affordable green power is growing stronger day by day and the decision to switch is becoming a logical one for many business owners.

Our financing options include:

On Grid

Off Grid


Energy Efficiency

Managed Utilities